Übersetzung von “about” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


preposition uk /əˈbaʊt/ us /əˈbɑʊt/

A1 relating to a particular subject

What was she talking about?

UK to or in different parts of a place

We wandered about the town.
what/how about…?

A2 used to suggest something

مَاذا عَن…؟
What about some lunch?
what/how about…?

B1 used to ask for someone’s opinion on a particular subject

ما رأيُك في …؟
What about this restaurant? Is it good?
adverb uk /əˈbaʊt/ us /əˈbɑʊt/

A1 close to a particular number or time, although not exactly that number or time

حَوَالي / تَقريباً
It happened about two months ago.

UK to or in different parts of a place

She just leaves her clothes lying about.
be about to do something

B1 to be going to do something very soon

عَلى وَشَك القِيام بِِشَيء ما
I’m about to leave.

(Übersetzung von “about” aus dem Cambridge Wörterbuch Englisch-Arabisch © Cambridge University Press)