Übersetzung von “call” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /kɔːl/ us /kɔl/
be called something

A1 to have a particular name

يُسَمّى شَيئاً ما
a boy called Adam
Their latest album is called ‘In Rainbows’.

A2 to phone someone

يَتَّصِل بـِ (هاتِفيّا)
Call the police.

B1 to shout

يُنادي عَلى
I heard someone call my name.

B1 to give someone a name

يَدْعو / يُسَمّي
They called their first son Joshua.

to describe someone or something in a particular way

Are you calling me a liar?

to ask someone to come somewhere

She called me into her office.
noun uk /kɔːl/ us /kɔl/

A2 the act of using the phone

مُخابرة / مُكالَمة / اتِّصال هاتِفي
Give me a call this weekend.
I got a call from Sue this morning.

B1 the act of shouting something

نِداء / صُراخ

a sound made by a bird or other animal

صَوْت الطّائر أو الحَيَوان

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