Übersetzung von “fight” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /faɪt/ us /fɑɪt/ past tense and past participle fought

B1 to try to hurt someone using your body or weapons

يَتَصارَع / يَتَقاتَل
Two men were fighting outside the bar.

to argue

يَتَشاجَر / يَتَجادَل
Don’t fight in front of the children!

to take part in a war

Thousands of young men fought in the war.

to try hard to stop something bad from happening, or to get or achieve something

يُحارِب / يُكافِح
She fought against racism.
They are fighting for their freedom.
noun uk /faɪt/ us /fɑɪt/

B1 a situation in which people try to hurt each other using their body or weapons

صِراع/ قِتال
He gets into a lot of fights.

an argument

جِدال / شِجار
My parents had a big fight about money.

a situation in which people try very hard to achieve something or to stop something

She was brave in her fight against cancer.
a fight for freedom

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