Übersetzung von “firm” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /fɜːm/ us /fɜrm/

not soft, but not completely hard

ثابِت / قَوي
A firm bed is better for your back.

strongly fixed in place

ثابِت / قَوي
Make sure the ladder is firm before you go up.

If you are firm, you show people that you are strong and in control.

My parents were always firm with me.

certain and not likely to change

We don’t have any firm plans for the weekend.
firmly adverb /fɜːm·li/ /fɜrm·li/

The door was firmly shut.
‘Let me do it,’ she said firmly.
I am firmly convinced that we should keep going.
firmness noun [ no plural ] /fɜːm·nəs/ /fɜrm·nəs/

ثَبات / صَرامة
noun uk /fɜːm/ us /fɜrm/

B1 a company that sells goods or services

a law firm

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