Übersetzung von “help” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /help/ us /help/

A1 to do something for someone

Thank you for helping.
Dad always helps / me with my homework.

A2 to provide advice, money, support, etc. to make it possible or easier for someone to do something

My mum said she would help with the costs of buying a house.

to make something better or easier

When you’re nervous or frightened, it helps to breathe slowly.
help yourself (to something)

B1 to take something, especially food or drink, without asking

اخْدُم نَفْسَك
Please help yourself to coffee.
can’t/couldn’t help something

B1 to not be able to stop doing something

لا يُمْكِن التَّوَقُف عَن (فِعْل شَيء ما)
I couldn’t help laughing.

Phrasal Verb(s)

noun uk /help/ us /help/

A2 [ no plural ] things you do to make it easier for another person to do something

Do you want any help?
with the help of something

B1 using something

بِمساعَدة شخص ما
We managed to open the box with the help of a knife.

something or someone that makes things easier for you

Dave has been a great help to me.
exclamation uk /help/ us /help/

A2 something that you shout when you are in danger

Help! I’m drowning!

(Übersetzung von “help” aus dem Cambridge Wörterbuch Englisch-Arabisch © Cambridge University Press)