Die Übersetzung von "skate" - Englisch-Arabisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /skeɪt/ us /skeɪt/

A2 also roller skate a boot with wheels on the bottom, used for moving across the ground

a pair of skates

A2 also ice skate a boot with a metal part on the bottom, used for moving across ice

مِزْلَج (لِلتَزَلُّج عَلى الجَليد)
verb uk /skeɪt/ us /skeɪt/ present participle skating, past tense and past participle skated

B1 to move using skates

be skating on thin ice

to be doing something that is dangerous or involves risks

يُعرِّض نَفسه للخَطر
He’s skating on thin ice by lying to the police.
skating noun [ no plural ] /skeɪ·tɪŋ/ /skeɪt·t̬ɪŋ/



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