Übersetzung von “support” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /səˈpɔːt/ us /səˈpɔrt/

B1 to help someone, often when they are having problems

يُعاوِن / يَسانِد
My family has always supported me in my career.

B1 to take care of someone by paying for their food, clothes, etc.

He has four children to support.

to agree with an idea, group, or person

Do you support their views on nuclear weapons?
Do you support the governor’s proposal?

to hold the weight of someone or something

That ladder doesn’t look strong enough to support you.

to give encouragement or money to someone or something because you want them to succeed

I think it’s important to support local businesses.

B1 UK to like a particular sports team and spend time watching them

يَدْعَم / يُؤَيِّد / يُشَجِّع
Which team do you support?
noun [ no plural ] uk /səˈpɔːt/ us /səˈpɔrt/

B1 help or encouragement given to someone when they are having problems

مُساعَدة / مَعونة
You have / my full support if you decide to apply for the job.

the money someone needs in order to buy food and clothes, and pay for somewhere to live

مُساعَدة / مَعونة
He is dependent on his father for support.

agreement with an idea, group, or person

There’s a lot of public support for the new law.

(Übersetzung von “support” aus dem Cambridge Wörterbuch Englisch-Arabisch © Cambridge University Press)