Übersetzung von “taste” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /teɪst/ us /teɪst/

B1 the flavour of a particular food in your mouth

طَعْم / مَذاق
a bitter taste
It ‘s got a very strong taste.

[ no plural ] the ability to feel different flavours in your mouth

When you have a cold you often lose your sense of taste.

the particular things you like, such as styles of music, clothes, decoration, etc.

I don’t like his taste in music.
be in bad/poor taste

to be unacceptable in a way that will upset or anger people

ذو ذَوق سَيّء
He told a joke about a plane crash which I thought was in rather poor taste.
verb uk /teɪst/ us /teɪst/ present participle tasting, past tense and past participle tasted
taste funny, good, sweet, etc.

B1 If food tastes a particular way, it has that flavour.

غَريب / جَيِّد / حُلو المَذاق
This sauce tastes strange.
These biscuits taste like soap.

B1 to put food or drink in your mouth to find out what its flavour is like

I always taste food while I’m cooking it.

Phrasal Verb(s)

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