Übersetzung von “wide” — Englisch–Arabisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /waɪd/ us /wɑɪd/

A2 measuring a long distance or longer than usual from one side to the other

a wide road
I have very wide feet.
five miles, three inches, etc. wide

B1 having a distance of five miles, three inches, etc. from one side to the other

بِعَرْض (5 أمْيال / 3 إنْشات / 6 أمْتار … إلخ)
The swimming pool is 15 feet wide.
a wide range, selection, etc.

B1 a lot of different types of thing

تَشْكيلة واسِعة
They sell a wide range of books and magazines.
give someone/something a wide berth

to avoid a person or place

يَتَجَنّب شَخصاً ما / مَكاناً ما
I tend to give the city centre a wide berth on Saturdays because it’s so busy.
adverb uk /waɪd/ us /wɑɪd/
wide apart/open

as far apart or open as possible

مَفْتوح عَلى مِصْراعَيْه / مُتَباعِد قَدَر الإمْكان
The window was wide open.
wide awake

completely awake

يَقِظ تَماماً
The baby is still wide awake.

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