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verb uk strong /wɪl/ us /wɪl/ weak /wəl, əl/ us /wɪl/

A2 used to talk about what is going to happen in the future

Claire will be five next month.
I’ll (= I will) see him on Saturday.
She’ll (= she will) have a great time.

A1 used to talk about what someone or something is willing or able to do

Ask Susie if she will take them.
The car won’t (= will not) start.

A2 used to ask someone to do something

Will you give me her address?
Will you give that to Tony when you see him, please?


noun uk /wɪl/ us /wɪl/

the power to control your thoughts and actions

She has a very strong will.
He lacks the will to win.

[ no plural ] what someone wants

He said the tragedy was God’s will.
against your will

If you do something against your will, you do it because you have to and not because you want to.

ضِدّ رَغبته
She was forced to marry him against her will.

a document that says who will get your money, house, and things when you die

She left me some money in / her will.

(Übersetzung von “will” aus dem Cambridge Wörterbuch Englisch-Arabisch © Cambridge University Press)

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