Übersetzung von “abuse” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveabuse /əˈbyuz/
to treat violently or cruelly

She was abused by her husband.
Elle était maltraitée par son mari.
to use incorrectly, causing harm

abusing alcohol
abuser de l'alcool

to abuse the system
abuser du système
to use offensive language
insulter , injurier

abusing a police officer
insultant un policier


noun uncountableabuse /əˈbyus/
violent or cruel treatment
maltraitance feminine , mauvais traitements masculine plural

a victim of abuse
une victime de la maltraitance

child abuse
maltraitance enfantine
incorrect and harmful use
abus masculine

drug abuse
abus de drogue

the abuse of power
l'abus de pouvoir
offensive language
insultes feminine plural , injures feminine plural

to shout abuse at sb
crier des insultes à qqn

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verb /əˈbjuːz/

to use wrongly, usually with harmful results

abuser de
She abused her position by stealing public money.

to insult or speak roughly to

She abused the servants.
abusive /-siv/ adjective

using insulting language

He wrote an abusive letter to the manager.
abusively adverb

abusiveness noun

grossièreté verbale


the wrong use of something

usage abusif
This machine has been subjected to a lot of abuse.

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