Übersetzung von “accept” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveaccept /ækˈsɛpt/
≠refuse; to agree to take

to accept a gift
accepter un cadeau
≠turn down; to say "yes" to an offer

She accepted a ride home.
Elle a accepté d'être raccompagnée en voiture.

Did he accept the job?
Est-ce qu'il a accepté l'emploi ?
≠deny; to admit sth is true or right
accepter , admettre

You have to accept that you're getting older.
On doit accepter de vieillir.
accept blame
to admit you did sth wrong
accepter la responsabilité de qqch

The company accepts the blame for the accident.
L'entreprise accepte la responsabilité de l'accident.
accept responsibility
to recognize that sth is your responsibility
accepter/assumer une responsabilité

people who accept responsibility for their actions
Les gens qui acceptent/assument la responsabilité de leurs actes.
≠reject; to allow sb to become a member or part of
accepté/-ée , admis/-ise

She's been accepted at three good schools.
Elle a été admise dans trois bonnes écoles.

They were never accepted by the community.
Ils n'ont jamais été acceptés par la communauté.

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verb /əkˈsept/

to take (something offered)

He accepted the gift.

to believe in, agree to or acknowledge

We accept your account of what happened
Their proposal was accepted
acceptable adjective


The decision should be acceptable to most people.


a very acceptable gift.
acceptably adverb

acceptance noun

.the acceptance of a job offer.
accepted adjective

generally recognized

It is an accepted fact that the world is round.

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