Übersetzung von “acknowledge” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveacknowledge /ækˈnɒlɪdʒ/
to admit sth to yourself or others

She refuses to acknowledge the truth.
Elle refuse de reconnaître la vérité.

They acknowledged that mistakes had been made.
Ils ont reconnu que des erreurs avaient été faites.
to show that you see or recognize sb
adresser un signe à qqn

He acknowledged me with a nod.
Il m'a salué d'un hochement de tête.
to respond to a letter, email etc. that has been received
accuser réception

I acknowledge receipt of the documents.
J'ai accusé réception des documents.


noun acknowledgment, acknowledgement
countable a reply stating sth has been received
accusé masculine de réception

No acknowledgements will be sent.
Il ne sera pas envoyé d'accusé de réception.
countable written thanks at the front of a book
remerciements masculine plural

the acknowledgement in the front of the book
les remerciements au début du livre
uncountable acceptance
reconnaissance feminine , aveu masculine

acknowledgement of responsibilities
aveu de responsabilités

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verb /əkˈnolidʒ/

to admit as being fact

He acknowledged defeat
He acknowledged that I was right.

to say (usually in writing) that one has received (something)

accuser réception (de)
He acknowledged the letter.

to give thanks for

se montrer reconnaissant de
He acknowledged their help.

to greet someone

He acknowledged her by waving.
acknowledg(e)ment noun

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