Übersetzung von “act” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounact /ækt/
countable an action by sb
acte masculine

an act of kindness
un acte de bienveillance

a vicious act
un acte malveillant
singularfalse behavior to hide feelings or intentions
comédie feminine , numéro masculine

They looked happy but it was all an act.
Ils semblaient heureux mais c'était de la comédie.
put on an act
faire un numéro

She put on an act that fooled us all.
Elle a fait un numéro qui nous a tous trompés.
countable a law
loi feminine

the Federal Clean Air Act
la loi fédérale sur la dépollution de l'air
countable one part of a theater performance
acte masculine

act two of the play
le deuxième acte de la pièce
get in on the act
to become involved in sth already started
s'y mettre

Now is your chance to get in on the act and help.
Maintenant, l'occasion se présente pour vous de vous y mettre et de donner un coup de main.
get your act together
informal to organize yourself more effectively
se prendre en main

It's time to get my act together and study.
Il est temps de me prendre en main et d'étudier.


verbact /ækt/
transitive-intransitive to perform in a play, film, etc.

She's currently acting on Broadway.
Elle joue en ce moment à Broadway.

to act the part of Harry Potter
jouer le rôle de Harry Potter
intransitive to behave in a particular way
agir , se comporter

acting suspiciously
agir avec méfiance

Act as if you already know.
Fais comme si tu est déjà au courant.
intransitive to take action to achieve

The government must act now.
Le gouvernement doit agir maintenant.

act as

verb phrasal act as [ ˈækt ˌæz ]
to replace or perform the function of
faire office de , servir de

A zebra's stripes act as camouflage.
Les rayures du zèbre font office de camouflage.

She's acting as director while the boss is away.
Elle fait office de directeur en l'absence du patron.

act out

verb phrasal act out [ ˈækt ˈaʊt ]
to perform a story

to act out the story of Little Red Riding Hood
mimer l'histoire du petit chaperon rouge

act up

verb phrasal act up [ ˈækt ˈʌp ]
to behave or function badly
mal se comporter

The computer's acting up again.
L'ordinateur fait des siennes à nouveau.

She only acts up when her mother's here.
Elle fait des caprices uniquement quand sa mère est là.

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verb /ӕkt/

to do something

It’s time the government acted to lower taxes.

to behave

se comporter
He acted foolishly at the meeting.

to perform (a part) in a play

He has acted (the part of Romeo) on many occasions
I thought he was dying, but he was only acting (= pretending).
acting adjective

temporarily carrying out the duties of

He is acting president of the society.
actor noun (feminine also actress)

a performer in a play.

act as

to do the work or duties of

faire fonction de
He acts as head of department when his boss is away.
act on

to do something following the advice etc of someone

I am acting on the advice of my lawyer.

to have an effect on

agir (sur)
Certain acids act on metal.
act on behalf of / act for

to do something for (someone else); to act as the representative of (someone)

My lawyer is acting on my behalf
He is also acting on behalf of my mother
She is acting for the headmaster in his absence.
in the act (of)

at the exact moment (of doing something)

sur le fait
He was caught in the act (of stealing my car).
put on an act

to pretend

jouer la comédie
I thought she had hurt herself but she was only putting on an act.



(often with capital) a law

Acts of Parliament.

a section of a play

‘Hamlet’ has five acts.

an entertainment

an act called ‘The Smith Family’.

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