Übersetzung von “action” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounaction /ˈækʃən/
countable-uncountable sth you do
action feminine , acte masculine

We are all judged by our actions.
Nous sommes jugés sur nos actes.
take action
to do sth with a particular aim

to take action to reduce crime
agir pour réduire la criminalité
in action
doing a particular activity
en pleine action

You should see him in action.
Il faut le voir en pleine action.
out of action
unable to function due to damage or injury
machine: hors de service / d'usage , person: hors de combat

a broken leg that put him out of action
une jambe cassée qui l'a mis sur la touche
uncountable armed fighting
combat masculine

missing in action
porté disparu
uncountable informal exciting activity
action feminine

action and adventure movies
films d'action et d'aventure
singularthe way sth moves or functions
mécanisme masculine

the action of the lever
le mécanisme du levier

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noun /ˈӕkʃən/

something done

Action, not talking, is necessary if we are to defeat the enemy
Take action immediately
The firemen are ready to go into action.


Tennis needs a good wrist action.

a legal case

action (en justice)
He brought an action for divorce against his wife.

the events (of a play, film etc)

The action of the play takes place on an island.

a battle; fighting

He was killed in action
Our troops fought an action against the enemy.
in action

doing what something is designed to

en état de marche
I would like to see the machine in action.
out of action

not working

hors d’usage
My car’s out of action this week because it’s being repaired.

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