Übersetzung von “adapt” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbadapt /əˈdæpt/
intransitive to get used to, to become familiar with

immigrants adapting to life in a new country
des immigrants s'adaptant à la vie dans un nouveau pays
transitive to change to make suitable

a vehicle that has been adapted for the disabled user
un véhicule qui a été adapté pour l'utilisateur handicapé


adjectiveadaptable /əˈdæptəbəl/
willing or able to adapt
person: capable de s'adapter , device, material: adaptable

Children tend to be more adaptable.
Les enfants ont tendance à être davantage capables de s'adapter.

fully adaptable software
logiciel totalement adaptable

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verb /əˈdӕpt/

to change or alter (so as to fit a different situation etc)

(s’)adapter (à)
She always adapted easily to new circumstances
He has adapted the play for television.
adaptation /ӕ-/ noun

adaptable adjective

willing or able to change to fit in with different circumstances

Children are usually very adaptable.
adaptability noun

adaptor noun

a device which enables an electrical plug of one type to be used in a socket of another type, or several plugs to be used in the same socket at the same time.


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