Übersetzung von “admit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbadmit /ædˈmɪt/ ( admitting, admitted)
transitive ≠deny; to say sth is true
admettre , reconnaître

I admit that I was angry.
J'avoue que j'étais en colère.

She finally admitted the truth.
Elle a finalement reconnu la vérité.
have to admit
spoken indicates reluctance to admit sth
devoir admettre/reconnaître

I have to admit, he can be funny.
Je dois reconnaître qu'il peut être drôle.
transitive-intransitive =confess; to say you did sth wrong
reconnaître , avouer

He admitted to his crimes.
Il a avoué ses crimes.

She now admits her guilt.
Elle avoue maintenant sa culpabilité.
transitive to allow sb to enter
laisser/faire entrer

Under 18s will not be admitted.
Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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verb /ədˈmit/ (past tense, past participle admitted)

to say that one accepts as true

He admitted (that) he was wrong.

to allow to enter

laisser entrer
This ticket admits one person.
admissible /-səbl/ adjective


Will this evidence be admissible in court?
admission /-ʃən/ noun

being allowed to enter; entry

They charge a high price for admission.

(an) act of accepting the truth of (something)

an admission of guilt.
admittance noun

the right or permission to enter

The notice said ‘No admittance’.
admittedly adverb

as is generally accepted

de l’aveu général
Admittedly, she is not well.

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