Die Übersetzung von "advantage" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ədˈvaːntidʒ/

(a) gain or benefit

There are several advantages in being self-employed.

in tennis, the first point gained after deuce.

advantageous /ӕdvənˈteidʒəs/ adjective

having or giving an advantage

Because of his experience, he was in an advantageous position for promotion
advantageously adverb

have an/the advantage (over)

to be in a better or more advantageous position (than)

avoir l’avantage (sur)
As she already knew French, she had an advantage over the rest of the class.
take advantage of

to make use of (a situation, person etc) in such a way as to benefit oneself

profiter de
He took full advantage of all his business opportunities.

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