Die Übersetzung von "agree" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /əˈɡriː/ (past tense, past participle agreed)

(often with with) to think or say the same (as)

être d’accord avec
I agreed with them that we should try again
The newspaper report does not agree with what he told us.

to say that one will do or allow something

consentir (à)
He agreed to go
He agreed to our request.

(with with) to be good for (usually one’s health)

réussir à qqn
Cheese does not agree with me – it gives me indigestion.

to be happy and friendly together

bien s’entendre
John and his wife don’t agree.
agreeable adjective


She is a most agreeable person.
agreeably adverb

agreement noun

the state of agreeing

We are all in agreement.

a business, political etc arrangement, spoken or written

You have broken our agreement
We have signed an agreement.

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