Übersetzung von “aid” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun aid /eɪd/
uncountable official money, supplies, or help for sb in need
aide (humanitaire) feminine , assistance feminine

millions of dollars in foreign aid
des millions de dollars d'aide humanitaire de l'étranger

student financial aid
bourse d'études
uncountable help
aide feminine

He can see with the aid of special glasses.
Il voit à l'aide de verres spéciaux.
countable sth that helps
aide feminine

a memory aid
un aide-mémoire


verb transitive aid /eɪd/ formal
to help or assist
aider , assister

a device that aids in the testing of soil
un moyen qui aide à l'analyse des sols

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noun /eid/


Rich countries give aid to developing countries
Teachers use various visual aids in the classroom such as pictures and flashcards
He came to my aid when my car broke down.
in aid of

as a financial help to (a charity etc)

au profit de
The collection is in aid of the blind.

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