Übersetzung von “all” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveall /ɔl/
=entire; every part of something
tout le masculine singular , toute la feminine singular , tous les masculine plural , toutes les feminine plural

all day
toute la journée
tout masculine singular , toute feminine singular , tous masculine plural , toutes feminine plural

all kinds of people
toutes sortes de gens
each of
tous masculine plural , toutes feminine plural

She invited all her friends.
Elle a invité tous ses amis.


pronounall /ɔl/
tous masculine plural , toutes feminine plural

all of us
nous tous

We all know her.
Nous la connaissons tous.
tout masculine singular

That's all for today.
C'est tout pour aujourd'hui
all in all
considering everything
l'un dans l'autre

All in all, it was a great vacation.
L'un dans l'autre, c'étaient des vacances géniales.
all is well
everything is progressing in an acceptable way
tout va bien

I hope all is well with your family.
J'espère que tout va bien avec ta famille.
the only thing
tout masculine singular

All I could think of was my family.
Tout ce à quoi je pouvais penser, c'était ma famille.


adverball /ɔl/
=completely; in every part
tout , toute (devant un adjectif au féminin singulier commençant par une consonne) , toutes (devant un adjectif au féminin pluriel commençant par une consonne)

dressed all in white
habillé tout en blanc

sitting all alone
assis tout seul

all along the road
tout le long de la route
all along
the whole time
depuis le début

I knew all along she was lying.
Je savais depuis le début qu'il mentait.
all over

The race is all over.
La course est finie.
all of a sudden/all at once
=suddenly; without any warning
tout à coup

All of a sudden someone screamed.
Tout à coup quelqu'un se mit à hurler.
; see also all right

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adjective, pronoun /oːl/

the whole (of)

He ate all the cake
He has spent all of his money.

every one (of a group) when taken together

They were all present
all clear noun

(usually with the) a signal or formal statement that a time of danger etc is over

fin d’alerte
They sounded the all clear after the air raid.
all-out adjective

using the greatest effort possible

maximum, suprême
We made an all-out attempt to win the game.
all-round adjective

good at all parts of a subject etc

an all-round sportsman.

including or applying to every part, person, thing etc

an all-round pay rise.
all-rounder noun

a person who is good at many kinds of work, sport etc.

(personne) bonne en tout
It’s always useful to have an all-rounder in the team.
all-terrain vehicle /ˌoːl təˈrein ˈviːəkl/ noun

(also ATV) a small vehicle that looks like a small tractor and can travel fast on rough ground.

véhicule tout-terrain
all along

the whole time (that something was happening)

depuis le début
I knew the answer all along.
all at once

all at the same time

d’un seul coup
Don’t eat those cakes all at once!


tout à coup
All at once the light went out.
all in

with everything included

tout compris
Is that the price all in?
all in all

considering everything

à tout prendre
We haven’t done badly, all in all.
all over

over the whole of (a person, thing etc)

d’un bout à l’autre
I washed and polished the car all over.


The excitement’s all over now.


We’ve been looking all over for you!
all right

unhurt; not ill or in difficulties etc

très bien
You look ill. Are you all right?

an expression of agreement to do something

‘Will you come?’ ‘Oh, all right.’
in all

in total, when everything is added up

en tout
I spent three hours in all waiting for buses last week.
Write all right (not alright).



(with the) much; even

d’autant plus/mieux
Your low pay is all the more reason to find a new job
I feel all the better for a shower.

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