Übersetzung von “allow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive allow /əˈlaʊ/
=permit,; ≠forbid; to let sth happen or be done

Swimming is not allowed.
La baignade n'est pas autorisée.

parents who allow their kids to stay up late
les parents qui autorisent leurs enfants à rester debout tard

Nobody under 21 is allowed in the bar area.
Le bar est interdit aux moins de 21 ans.
to create an opportunity for sth to happen

The new job allows her to spend more time with her family.
Le nouveau travail lui permet de passer plus de temps avec sa famille.
to let sb have a particular amount or number

You will be allowed 20 minutes for the quiz.
On vous accordera 20 minutes pour le questionnaire.
=allocate; to make sure there is a particular amount

Allow at least an hour to get there.
Prévoir au moins une heure pour s'y rendre.

allow for

verb phrasal allow for [ əˈlaʊ ˌfɔr ]
=take into account; to consider sth when planning
tenir compte de

The schedule didn't allow for any delays.
Le programme ne tenait compte d'aucun retard.

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verb /əˈlau/

not to forbid or prevent

He allowed me to enter
Smoking is not allowed inside the restaurant.

(with for) to take into consideration when judging or deciding

tenir compte de
These figures allow for price rises.

to give, especially for a particular purpose or regularly

donner, allouer
His father allows him too much money.
allowance noun

a fixed sum or quantity given regularly

His father gives him an allowance of $200 a month.

something (usually a quantity) allowed

The baggage allowance is 20 kilos per passenger.
make allowance for

to take into consideration when deciding etc

tenir compte de
We’ve made allowance for the fact that everyone has different tastes.

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