Übersetzung von “ally” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable ally /ˈælaɪ, əˈlaɪ/ ( plural allies )
sb who helps you in a war or disagreement
allié/-ée masculine-feminine

the country and its allies
le pays et ses alliés

My sister was my only ally.
Ma sœur était ma seule alliée.
the Allies
plural the countries who fought with Britain and the U.S. in World Wars I and II
les Alliés

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verb /əˈlai/

to join by political agreement, marriage, friendship etc

s’allier (à, avec)
Small countries often have to ally themselves with larger countries in order to survive.
alliance noun

the alliance between Britain and the USA
The three countries entered into an alliance.
allied /ˈӕ-/ adjective

joined by political agreement or treaty

The allied forces entered the country.

(with with) together with; joined to

joint à
Her beauty allied with her intelligence made her a successful actress.

(with to) related to; resembling

proche parent de
The ape is closely allied to man.

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