Übersetzung von “alternate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitive alternate [ ˈɔltərˌneɪt, ˈæl- ]
to change between two things or states

weather that alternates between hot and cold
un climat qui passe du chaud au froid

Alternate the background color.
Changer alternativement la couleur de l'arrière-plan.


adjectivealternate /-nɪt/
=alternative; used instead of sth
de rechange

an alternate plan/route
un plan/itinéraire de rechange
indicates every second item in a series
un/une ... sur deux

alternate lines of the poem
une ligne sur deux du poème

children attending daycare on alternate days
des enfants allant à la garderie un jour sur deux

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verb /ˈoːltəneit/

to use, do etc by turns, repeatedly, one after the other

(faire) alterner
Her mood alternates between highs and lows.
He tried to alternate red and yellow tulips along the path as he planted them.
alternately /-ˈtəːnət-/ adverb

tour à tour
She felt alternately hot and cold.
alternation noun



every second (day, week etc)

tous les deux
My friend and I take the children to school on alternate days.

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