Übersetzung von “and” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


conjunctionand /ænd; unstressed ənd, ən, or, esp. after a homorganic consonant, ən/

dogs and cats
chiens et chats

bread, cheese, and fruit
pain, fromage et fruits

sat down and began to cry
s'assit et se mit à pleurer
indicates an intention or aim
(indique une intention ou un but)

Go and get the ball.
Va chercher le ballon.

Try and be calm.
Essaie de te calmer.
then even
(et même)

rising higher and higher
montant de plus en plus haut
spoken plus

Two and two is four.
Deux et deux font quatre.
spoken used after "hundred," "thousand," and between whole numbers and fractions

three hundred and thirty
trois cent trente

one and a half
un et demi
and so on
indicates more of the same kind is added
et ainsi de suite

Bring soap, shampoo, and so on.
Apportez savon, shampooing, et ainsi de suite.

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conjunction /ənd, ӕnd/

joining two statements, pieces of information etc

I opened the door and went inside
The hat was blue and red
a mother and child.

in addition to

et; plus
2 and 2 makes 4.

as a result of which

Try hard and you will succeed.

used instead of ‘to’ with a verb

Do try and come!

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