Übersetzung von “answer” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableanswer /ˈænsər, ˈɑn-/
a reply or response
réponse feminine

an answer to my letter
une réponse à ma lettre

Give me your answer tomorrow.
Donne-moi ta réponse demain.

I rang the doorbell, but there was no answer.
J'ai sonné à la porte mais il n'y a pas eu de réponse.
a solution to a test question
réponse feminine , solution feminine

the right/wrong answer
la bonne/mauvaise réponse

to know the answer
connaître la solution
a solution to a problem
solution feminine

an answer to the energy crisis
une solution à la crise de l'énergie


verb transitive-intransitiveanswer /ˈænsər, ˈɑn-/
≠ask; to give a reply

to answer a question
répondre à une question

He answered that he didn't know.
Il a répondu qu'il ne savait pas.

You don't have to answer right now.
Tu n'est pas obligé de répondre tout de suite.
to respond to a knock or ring

to answer the telephone
répondre au téléphone

Don't answer the door.
N'ouvre pas la porte.

No-one answered.
Personne n'a répondu.
to give a solution to a test question

to answer correctly
répondre correctement

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noun /ˈaːnsə/

something said, written or done that is caused by a question etc from another person

She refused to give an answer to his questions.

the solution to a problem

The answer to your transport difficulties is to buy a car.
answerable adjective

(usually with to, for) to have the responsibility

responsable (de)
I will be answerable to you for his good behaviour
She is answerable for the whole project.
answering machine noun

(also machine) a machine that take messages for you when you cannot answer the phone

Please leave a message on the answering machine.
answer for

(often with to) to have the responsibility or be responsible for (something)

répondre de
I’ll answer to your mother for your safety.

to suffer or be punished (for something)

payer pour
You’ll answer for your rudeness one day!
answerphone noun

= answering machine.




to open (the door), pick up (the telephone) etc in reponse to a knock, ring etc

ouvrir; répondre
He answered the telephone as soon as it rang
Could you answer the door, please?

to be suitable or all that is necessary (for)

We are looking for a solution that will answerall our requirements.

(often with to) to be the same as or correspond to (a description etc)

correspondre à
The police have found a man answering (to) that description.

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