Die Übersetzung von "any" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


pronoun, adjective /ˈeni/

one, some, no matter which

n’importe quel
‘Which dress shall I wear?’ ‘Wear any (dress)’
‘Which dresses shall I pack?’ ‘Pack any (dresses)’.

(in questions and negative sentences etc) one, some

aucun, une; quelque…
John has been to some interesting places but I’ve never been to any
Have you been to any interesting places?
We have hardly any coffee left.
anybody pronoun ( anyone)

(in questions, and negative sentences etc) some person

Is anybody there?

any person, no matter which

n’importe qui
Get someone to help – anyone will do.


n’importe qui
Anyone could tell you the answer to that.
anyhow adverb


de toute façon
Anyhow, even if the problem does arise, it won’t affect us.

in a careless, untidy way

n’importe comment
Books were piled anyhow on the shelves.
anything pronoun

(in questions, and negative sentences etc) some thing

quelque chose; rien
Can you see anything?
I can’t see anything.

a thing of any kind

tout ce que, n’importe quoi
You can buy anything you like
‘What would you like for your birthday?’ ‘Anything will do.’
anyway adverb

nevertheless; in spite of what has been or might be said, done etc

quand même, de toute façon
My mother says I mustn’t go but I’m going anyway
Anyway, she can’t stop you.
anywhere adverb

in any place at all

quelque part; nulle part; n’importe oû
Have you seen my gloves anywhere?
I can’t find them anywhere
‘Where should I put these?’ ‘Anywhere will do.’
at any rate

at least

au/du moins
It’s a pity it has started to rain, but at any rate we can still enjoy ourselves at the cinema
The Managing Director is coming to see us – at any rate, that’s what John says.
in any case


en tout cas, quand même
I think I locked the door, but I’d better check in any case.

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