Die Übersetzung von "apart" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adverb /əˈpaːt/

separated by a certain distance

à/de distance, écarté, éloigné de
The trees were planted three yards apart
Paul was standing with his feet apart
Their policies are far apart
She was sitting apart from the other people.
apart from

except for

sauf, à part
I can’t think of anything I need, apart from a car.
come apart

to break into pieces

se défaire
The cardboard box was coming apart at the edges.
take apart

to separate (something) into the pieces from which it is made

He took the engine apart.
tell apart (usually with can, *cannot)

to recognize the difference between; to distinguish

distinguer (l’un de l’autre)
I cannot tell the twins apart.

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