Übersetzung von “appeal” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounappeal /əˈpil/
countable an urgent request
appel masculine

The president made a desperate appeal to the world for aid.
Le président a lancé un appel désespéré au monde pour demander de l'assistance.
uncountable the state of being interesting or attractive
attrait masculine , charme masculine

the appeal of dangerous sports
l'attrait des sports dangereux

her beauty and appeal
sa beauté et son charme
an official request for the law court to change a decision
appel masculine

to launch an appeal against the guilty verdict
faire appel du verdict de culpabilité


verb intransitiveappeal /əˈpil/
to request urgently
lancer un appel à

The artist appealed to the thieves to return the stolen paintings.
L'artiste lança un appel aux voleurs pour qu'ils rendent les tableaux volés.
to interest or attract
plaire à

The design didn't appeal to teenagers.
Le style n'a pas plu aux jeunes.
to make an appeal in a court
faire appel de

The defendant will appeal against the decision.
L'accusé va faire appel de la décision.

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verb /əːpiːl/

(often with to) to ask earnestly for something

en appeler à; supplier
She appealed (to him) for help.

to take a case one has lost to a higher court etc; to ask (a referee, judge etc) for a new decision

faire appel (de)
He appealed against a three-year sentence.

(with to) to be pleasing

plaire à
The idea of going away for the weekend appeals to me.
appealing adjective


.The offer of a free meal was very appealing.

showing that a person wishes help etc

She gave him an appealing smilee.




The prospect of spending two weeks on the beach held great appeal for her.

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