Übersetzung von “arm” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablearm /ɑrm/
the part of the body with the hand at the end
bras masculine

He had a huge package in his arms.
Il avait un énorme paquet dans les bras.
arm in arm
with arms linked
bras dessus bras dessous

They walked along arm in arm.
Ils marchaient bras dessus bras dessous.
fold your arms
to cross your arms in front of your body
(se) croiser les bras

She folded her arms and said, "No!"
Elle croisa les bras et dit "Non."
the side part of a chair
bras masculine , accoudoir masculine

his hand resting on the arm of the chair
sa main reposant sur l'accoudoir du fauteuil
a part of an organization
branche feminine , filiale feminine

the New York arm of the business
la filiale New Yorkaise de la société
; see also arms

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noun /aːm/

the part of the body between the shoulder and the hand

He has broken his arm.

anything shaped like or similar to this

bras, accoudoir
She sat on the arm of the chair.
armful noun

as much as a person can hold in one arm or in both arms

Maria was carrying an armful of flowers/clothes.
armband noun

a strip of cloth etc worn round the arm

The people all wore black armbands as a sign of mourning.
armchair noun

a chair with arms at each side.

armpit noun

the hollow under the arm at the shoulder.

arm-in-arm adverb

(of two or more people) with arms linked together

bras dessus, bras dessous
They were walked along the street, arm-in-arm.
keep at arm’s length

to avoid becoming too friendly with someone

tenir (qqn) à distance
She tends to keep everybody at arm’s length.
with open arms

with a very friendly welcome

à bras ouverts
He greeted them with open arms.


verb /aːm/

to give weapons to (a person etc)

A decision was taken to arm the prison guards.

to prepare for battle, war etc

They armed for battle.
armed adjective

having a weapon or weapons

An armed man robbed the bank
Armed forces entered the country.
arms noun plural


Does the police force carry arms?

a design etc which is used as the symbol of the town, family etc (see also coat of arms).

be up in arms

to be very angry and make a great protest (about something)

s’élever (contre)
Local residents are up in arms about the decision to close the local post office.
take up arms (often with against)

to begin fighting

s’insurger (contre)
The people took up arms against the dictator.

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