Übersetzung von “arrow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablearrow /ˈæroʊ/
a symbol ( ➜ ) used to point to a place
flèche feminine

Follow the arrows on the path.
Suivez les flèches sur le chemin.

an arrow pointing to the word
une flèche pointant sur le mot
a weapon made from a stick with a sharp metal piece on the end
flèche feminine

a bow and arrow
un arc et une flèche

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noun /ˈӕrəu/

a sign shaped like an arrow eg to show which way to go

You can’t get lost – just follow the arrows.

a thin, straight stick with a point, which is fired from a bow.

arrowhead noun

a water plant with leaves shaped like an arrowhead.


the tip of an arrow, shaped to a point.

pointe de flèche

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