Übersetzung von “as” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbas /æz/
indicates a comparison
aussi ... que

She's not as pretty as her friend.
Elle n'est pas aussi jolie que son amie.

I don't read as much as I used to.
Je ne lis plus autant qu'auparavant.

Are there as many people as last time?
Y a-t-il autant de gens que la dernière fois ?

Take as long as you need to finish it.
Prends tout ton temps pour le terminer.
as for
indicates to whom or what you are referring
quant à

As for you, you're in big trouble.
Quant à toi, tu as de gros ennuis.
as if/as though
seeming to show
comme si

She behaved as though nothing had happened.
Elle se conduisait comme si de rien n'était.

He looks as if he's going to throw up.
On dirait qu'il va vomir.
as it is
indicates the current situation
dans l'état actuel des choses

I'm finding the work difficult as it is.
Dans l'état actuel des choses, je trouve ce travail difficile.
as to
about a particular subject
quant à

uncertain as to whether or not to leave
incertain quant au fait de partir ou non


prepositionas [ æz; unstressed əz ]
indicates the purpose or characteristics
en tant que , comme

We can use the stool as a table.
Nous pouvons utiliser le tabouret comme table.

As a leader, he was greatly respected.
En tant que dirigeant, il était très respecté.
=like; indicates that sb or sth looks like another person or thing

I dressed up as Batman for Halloween.
Je me suis déguisé en Batman pour Halloween.

As a child, she was bullied.
Enfant, elle fut maltraitée.


conjunctionas [ æz; unstressed əz ]
alors que , au moment où

We watched as she fell.
Nous rl'avons regardée tomber.
refers to a known fact

As you know, Phil has health problems.
Comme tu le sais, Phil a des problèmes de santé.

As we had agreed, he went first.
Comme nous l'avions convenu, il est parti le premier.
in the way that

It looked the same as it always did.
C'était comme ça l'avait toujours été.

Do exactly as I tell you.
Fais exactement comme je te dis.
=since; indicates the reason for sth
comme , étant donné que

As it was early, the stores were still closed.
Comme il était tôt, les magasins étaient encore fermés.

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conjunction /ӕz/

when; while

tandis que; comme; en
I met John as I was coming home


As I am leaving tomorrow, I’ve bought you a present.

in the same way that

If you are not sure how to behave, do as I do.

used to introduce a statement of what the speaker knows or believes to be the case

As you know, I’ll be taking the bus.


malgré (que)
Old as I am, I can still fight
Much as I want to, I cannot go.

used to refer to something which has already been stated and apply it to another person

ainsi que
Dave will be there, as will Alan and Mick.
as for

with regard to; concerning

quant à
The thief was caught by the police almost immediately: As for the stolen jewels, they were found in a shed.
as if / as though

in the way one would expect if

comme (si, pour)
He acted as if he were mad
He spoke as though he knew all about our plans
He opened his mouth as if to speak
You look as if you are going to faint.
as to

as far as (something) is concerned; with regard to

quant à; pour ce qui est de
I’m willing to read his book, but as to publishing it, that’s a different matter.




He was dressed as a woman.

with certain verbs eg regard, treat, describe, accept

I am regarded by some people as a bit of a fool
He treats the children as adults.

in the position of

en tant que
He is greatly respected both as a person and as a politician.

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