Übersetzung von “ask” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbask /æsk, ɑsk/
transitive-intransitive to make a request

to ask for money
demander de l'argent

to ask for help/permission
demander de l'aide / la permission

Jackie asked me to get it for her.
Jackie m'a demandé de le prendre pour elle.

Ask if/whether they have any spare tickets.
Demande s'il leur reste des billets.
transitive-intransitive to say sth to get information

to ask a question
poser une question

asked about her parents
s'est informé sur ses parents
to ask why/where/when, etc.
demander pourquoi/où/quand, etc.

I asked him who did it.
Je lui ai demandé qui l'avait fait.

I didn't ask how they got here.
Je n'ai pas demandé comment ils sont arrivés ici.
transitive-intransitive to expect sb to do sth

You can't ask people to get there that early.
On ne peut pas demander aux gens d'arriver aussi tôt.

How much are they asking for the car?
Combien demandent-ils pour la voiture ?
transitive to invite sb to go somewhere

Vincent asked John to go with him.
Vincent a invité John à l'accompagner.
asking for it/trouble
informal making an unpleasant situation likely
chercher les ennuis

Walking home alone that late is asking for it.
Rentrer à pied le soir aussi tard, c'est chercher les ennuis.
don't ask
spoken indicates you do not want to talk about sth
va/allez savoir

"What happened?" "Don't even ask."
"Quest-ce qui s'est passé ?" "Je ne veux même pas le savoir."
if you ask me
spoken emphasizes your opinion
si tu veux / vous voulez mon avis

If you ask me, he should have refused.
Si vous voulez mon avis, il aurait dû refuser.

ask out

verb phrasal ask out [ ˈæsk ˈaʊt, ˈɑsk ]
to invite sb on a romantic date
inviter à sortir

too embarrassed to ask her out
trop gêné pour l'inviter à sortir
; see also demand

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verb /aːsk/

to put a question

He asked me what the time was
Ask the price of that scarf
Ask her where to go
Ask him about it
If you don’t know, ask.

to express a wish to someone for something

I asked her to help me
I asked (him) for a day off
He rang and asked for you
Can I ask a favour of you?

to invite

He asked her to his house for lunch.
ask after

to make inquiries about the health etc of

demander des nouvelles de
She asked after his father.
ask for

to express a wish to see or speak to (someone)

demander, réclamer
When he telephoned he asked for you
He is very ill and keeps asking for his daughter.

to behave as if inviting (something unpleasant)

Going for a swim when you have a cold is just as asking for trouble.
for the asking

you may have (something) simply by asking for it; This table is yours for the asking.

il n’y a qu’à le demander

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