Übersetzung von “attend” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiveattend /əˈtɛnd/ formal
to go or go to an event
assister à

to attend a wedding/meeting
assister à un mariage / une réunion

How many people will attend?
Combien de personnes seront présentes ?
to be a regular member of
aller à

students who attend the school
les étudiants qui vont à l'école

attend to

verb phrasal attend to [ əˈtɛnd ˌtu, tə ]
to deal with or to help
s'occuper de

important matters to attend to
des affaires importantes dont il faut s'occuper

She attended to a dying patient.
Elle s'est occupée d'un malade mourant.

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verb /əˈtend/

to go to or be present at

assister à, suivre
She attended the meeting
He will attend school till he is sixteen.

(with to) to listen or give attention to

prêter attention à
Attend carefully to what the teacher is saying!

to deal with

s’occuper de
I’ll attend to that problem tomorrow.

to look after; to help or serve

soigner, s’occuper de
Two doctors attended her all through her illness
The queen was attended by four ladies.
attendance noun

assiduité; assistance
His attendance (= the number of times he attends) at school is poor
Attendances (= the number of people attending) at the concerts went down after the price of tickets increased.
attendant noun

a person employed to look after someone or something

a car-park attendant.
in attendance

in the position of helping or serving

présent, là, de service
There was no doctor in attendance at the road accident.
attendance ends in -ance (not -ence).

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