Übersetzung von “attract” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveattract /əˈtrækt/
to cause to come to a place

The city attracts thousands of visitors each year.
La ville attire des milliers de visiteurs chaque année.
to cause a reaction
attirer , éveiller

to attract criticism/interest
attirer la critique / éveiller l'intérêt
=appeal to; to make sb interested
attirer , séduire

The group's socialist ideas attracted him.
Il était attiré par les idées du groupe socialiste.

young people attracted to the glamour of show business
des jeunes gens séduits par le glamour du show business
attracted to
romantically interested in
attiré/-ée par

I like him, but I'm not attracted to him.
Je l'aime bien mais il ne m'attire pas.
to cause to move toward

magnets attracting particles of metal
des aimants attirant des particules de métal

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verb /əˈtrӕkt/

to cause (someone or something) to come towards

A magnet attracts iron
I tried to attract her attention.

to arouse (someone’s) liking or interest

What was it that attracted you to him?
attraction /-ʃən/ noun

the act or power of attracting

attraction; attirance
magnetic attraction.

something that attracts

The attractions of the hotel include a golf-course.
attractive /-tiv/ adjective

pleasant and good- looking

an attractive girl
young and attractive.

likeable; tempting

She has an attractive personality
He found the proposition attractive.
attractively adverb

d’une manière séduisante
attractiveness noun

attrait, charme

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