Die Übersetzung von "authority" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /oːˈθorəti/ (plural authorities)

the power or right to do something

He gave me authority to act on his behalf.

a person who is an expert, or a book that can be referred to, on a particular subject

He is an authority on Roman history.

(usually in plural ) the person or people who have power in an administration etc

(les) autorités
The authorities would not allow public meetings.

a natural quality in a person which makes him able to control and influence people

a man of authority.
authoritarian adjective

considering obedience to authority more important than personal freedom

an authoritarian government.
authoritative /-tətiv, (American) -teitiv/ adjective

said or written by an expert or a person in authority

an authoritative opinion.

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