Übersetzung von “authority” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounauthority /əˈθɔrɪti, əˈθɒr-/ ( plural authorities )
uncountable official power
autorité feminine , pouvoir masculine

to have the authority to close down the store
avoir le pouvoir de faire fermer la boutique

people in positions of authority
des personnes qui occupent des postes à responsabilité
countable (usually plural) an official organization
autorités feminine plural

the health authorities
le minisitère de la Santé
the authorities plural
the police or another group with the power to enforce the law
les autorités feminine plural
uncountable confidence and the appearance of control
autorité feminine

to speak with authority
parler avec autorité
countable an expert in a subject
autorité feminine , expert masculine

a world authority on plant biology
un expert mondial en / une autorité mondiale en matière de biologie végétale

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noun /oːˈθorəti/ (plural authorities)

the power or right to do something

He gave me authority to act on his behalf.

a person who is an expert, or a book that can be referred to, on a particular subject

He is an authority on Roman history.

(usually in plural ) the person or people who have power in an administration etc

(les) autorités
The authorities would not allow public meetings.

a natural quality in a person which makes him able to control and influence people

a man of authority.
authoritarian adjective

considering obedience to authority more important than personal freedom

an authoritarian government.
authoritative /-tətiv, (American) -teitiv/ adjective

said or written by an expert or a person in authority

an authoritative opinion.

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