Übersetzung von “average” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveaverage /ˈævərɪdʒ, ˈævrɪdʒ/
normal or usual

just an average boy
juste un garçon comme les autres
not very good

a pretty average meal
un repas très moyen
(always before n) calculated by finding the average of two or more numbers

an average speed of 30 miles/hour
une vitesse moyenne de 5 kilomètres-heure

average temperatures for the season
les températures moyennes pour la saison


nounaverage /ˈævərɪdʒ, ˈævrɪdʒ/
countable-uncountable the normal amount or rate
moyenne feminine

the national average
la moyenne nationale
below/above average
au-dessous / au-dessus de la moyenne

an above average score in math
une note au-dessus de la moyenne en maths
countable an amount that is the result of adding two or more numbers and dividing the sum by the number of things you added together
moyenne feminine

spending an average of $400 per month
dépensant 400 $ en moyenne par mois
on average
indicates what is usual
en moyenne

On average, women live longer than men.
En moyenne, les femmes vivent plus longtemps que les hommes.


verb transitiveaverage /ˈævərɪdʒ, ˈævrɪdʒ/
to do or have as a normal level or rate
faire/avoir en moyenne

averaging about $300 a night in earnings
gagnant en moyenne 300 $ par nuit

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noun /ˈӕvəridʒ/

the result of adding several amounts together and dividing the total by the number of amounts

The average of 3, 7, 9 and 13 is 8 (= 32:4).



ordinary; not exceptional

The average person cannot afford to buy such an expensiver car
His work is average.

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