Übersetzung von “away” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbaway /əˈweɪ/
moving further from a place
(exprime l'éloignement)

to walk/run away
s'éloigneren marchant/courant
at a distance from
à ... (de)

10 meters away
à 10 mètres / 10 mètres plus loin

Keep away from the fire.
Tenir éloigné du feu.
not in sb's usual place

gone away for a week
absent pendant une semaine

away from her desk
absente de son bureau
into its usual place
(à sa place habituelle)

Put the clothes away in the closet.
Range ses vêtements dans le placard.
(exprime la continuité)

She's been working away all day.
Elle a travaillé toute la journée.
happening after period of time
il y a de cela

now only two weeks/four days/12 hours away
dans seulement deux semaines / quatre jours / 12 heures
gradually disappearing
s'éteindre , s'affaiblir

voices fading away
des voix s'affaiblissant

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adverb /əˈwei/

to or at a distance from the person speaking or the person or thing spoken about

(au) loin
He lives three miles away (from the town)
Go away!
Take it away!

in the opposite direction

de l’autre côté
She turned away so that he would not see her tears.

(gradually) into nothing

The noise died away.


sans arrêt
They worked away until dark.

(of a football match etc) not on the home ground

à l’extérieur
The team is playing away this weekend
(also adjective) an away match.

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