Übersetzung von “band” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableband /bænd/
a group of musicians
groupe masculine , orchestre masculine

to play in a band
jouer dans un groupe/orchestre

a rock/jazz band
un groupe de rock / orchestre de jazz
a strip of material around sth
around arm: brassard masculine around neck: col masculine around waist: ceinture feminine

a silk band around her waist
une ceinture de soie autour de sa taille
a thin area of a different color
bande feminine

a band of greenish light
une bande de lumière verte
a group of people with a common interest
bande feminine , groupe masculine

a band of anti-war protesters
un groupe de manifestants pacifistes


verb phrasal band: band together [ bænd ]
to form a group to achieve sth
se regrouper

groups that banded together to fight government troops
des groupes qui se sont réunis/regroupés pour combattre les troupes du gouvernement

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noun /bӕnd/

a strip of material to put round something

a rubber band.

a stripe of a colour etc

Fiona was wearing a white skirt with a band of red in it.

in radio etc, a group of frequencies or wavelengths

the medium waveband.


noun /bӕnd/

a number of people forming a group

a band of robbers.

a group of musicians

a brass band
a dance band.

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