Übersetzung von “bang” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivebang /bæŋ/
to make a short, loud noise by hitting against sth

The window banged shut.
La fenêtre s'est fermée en claquant.

The dancers banged the sticks on the ground.
Les danseurs marquaient le rythme en frappant le sol avec des bâtons.
to hit a part of the body
(se) cogner

I banged my head.
Je me suis cogné la tête.

Her arm banged against the window.
Son bras a cogné la fenêtre.


noun countablebang /bæŋ/
a short, loud noise
of gun: détonation feminine of door: claquement masculine

There was a big bang and some smoke.
Il y a eu une forte détonation et de la fumée.
get more bang for your buck
informal to get better value for your money
en avoir pour son argent
with a bang
in an exciting and successful way
par un succès éclatant

The festival started with a bang.
Le festival a commencé par un succès éclatant.

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noun /bӕŋ/

a sudden loud noise

The door shut with a bang.

a blow or knock

coup (violent)
He suffered a bang on the head from a falling branch.
banger noun

an explosive firework

The child was frightened by the bangers at the firework display.



to hit or strike violently, often making a loud noise

frapper violemment
The child banged his drum
He banged the book down angrily on the table.

to make a sudden loud noise

éclater, péter
We could hear the fireworks banging in the distance.

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