Übersetzung von “bank” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablebank /bæŋk/
a financial organization that lends and keeps money
banque feminine

He works for a bank.
Il travaille pour une banque.
the land at the side of a river
rive feminine

people walking along the river bank
des gens marchant le long de la rive du fleuve
a long mass or row of similar things
banc masculine , rang masculine

a snow bank
une congère

a bank of computer screens
un rang d'écrans d'ordinateur
a storage place
banque feminine

a blood/sperm bank
une banque du sang/sperme


verbbank /bæŋk/
intransitive to keep money at a particular bank
avoir un compte

I've banked here for years.
J'y ai eu un compte pendant des années.

bank on

verb phrasal bank on [ ˈbæŋk ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
=count on; to be certain of sth happening
compter sur

"He'll apologize." "I wouldn't bank on it."
"Il s'excusera." "Je n'y compte pas."

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noun /bӕŋk/

the ground at the edge of a river, lake etc

The river overflowed its banks.

a mound or ridge (of earth etc)

The child climbed the bank to pick flowers.

a raised area of sand under the sea

a sand-bank.



to tilt (an aircraft etc) while turning

virer (sur l’aile)
The plane banked steeply.


noun /bӕŋk/

a place where money is lent or exchanged, or put for safety and/or to acquire interest

He has plenty of money in the bank
I must go to the bank today.

a place for storing other valuable material

A blood bank.
banker noun

a person who owns or manages a bank.

bank book

a book that records money deposited in, or withdrawn from, a bank.

livret de banque
banker’s card (also cheque card)

a card issued by a bank guaranteeing payment of the holder’s cheques.

carte d’identité bancaire
bank holiday

a public holiday when banks and other businesses are closed.

jour férié
bank-note noun

a piece of paper issued by a bank, used as money.

billet de banque
bank on

to rely on

compter sur
I was banking on Jim to help me, but he hasn’t turned up.


noun /bӕŋk/

a collection of rows (of instruments etc)

The pilot has to check several banks of instruments before take-off.

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