Die Übersetzung von "bar" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /baː/

a rod or oblong piece (especially of a solid substance)

barre; tablette; barreau
a gold bar
a bar of chocolate
There were iron bars on the windows.

a broad line or band

a piece of blue material with bars of red running through it.

a bolt

There was a bar on the door.

a counter at which or across which articles of a particular kind are sold

bar, comptoir
a snack bar
Your whisky is on the bar.

a place where alcoholic drinks are served.


a measured division in music

They sang the first ten bars of the song.

something which prevents (something)

His carelessness could prove to be a bar to his promotion.

the rail at which the prisoner stands in court

The prisoner at the bar collapsed when he was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment.
barmaid /-tendə/ noun (mainly American bartender, barman)

a person who serves at the bar of a pub or hotel.

barmaid, barman
bar code noun

a code in the form of parallel lines printed on goods from which the computer reads information about their price etc.


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