Übersetzung von “bash” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive bash /bæʃ/ informal
to criticize publicly and strongly

environmental groups bashing the president's policies
des groupes environnementalistes conspuant la politique présidentielle
to hit very hard
frapper , cogner

They bashed him on the head.
Ils l'ont frappé à la tête


noun countablebash [ bæʃ ]
a big party
grande fête feminine

a 40th birthday bash
une grande fête d'anniversaire pour les 40 ans

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verb /bӕʃ/

(sometimes with in) to beat or smash (in)

défoncer, enfoncer
The soldiers bashed in the door.
bash on/ahead (with)

to go on doing something especially in a careless or inattentive way

continuer à faire qqch. de façon négligente
In spite of his father’s advice, he bashed on with the painting.
have a bash at

to make an attempt at

s’essayer à
Although he was not a handyman, he had a bash at mending the lock.



a dent

a bash on the car’s nearside door.

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