Übersetzung von “beat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb beat /bit/ ( pt beat pp beaten )
transitive to defeat an opponent or team

We beat the other team 5-1.
Nous avons battu l'autre équipe 5 à 1.

I bet I can beat you at chess.
Je parie que je peux te battre aux échecs.
transitive to hit sb hard and repeatedly
battre , frapper

His father beat him.
Son père le battait.

The victim was beaten to death.
La victime a été frappée à la tête.
transitive to do before sb or sth
échapper à qqn ou qqch

She left early to beat the traffic.
Elle est partie tôt pour échapper à la circulation.
beat sb to it
devancer qqn , couper l'herbe sous le pied de quelqu'un informal

I wanted to buy the car, but someone beat me to it.
Je voulais acheter la voiture mais quelqu'un m'a devancé / coupé l'herbe sous le pied.
transitive informal to be better than
in quality, performance: surclasser actions: être mieux (que)

Sitting here on the beach sure beats working!
Etre assis ici sur la plage, c'est bien mieux que de travailler.
intransitive to hit against sth repeatedly and hard

waves beating against the shore
des vagues battant le rivage
transitive to stir food rapidly

to beat the eggs
battre les œufs
intransitive to make a pattern of sound or motion

I could feel the bird's heart beating.
Je sentais battre le cœur de l'oiseau.

drums beating in the distance
des tambours battant au loin
beat around the bush
to not say what you mean directly
fam tourner autour du pot , tergiverser

Don't beat around the bush - just tell me!
Ne tourne pas autour du pot, explique-toi !

beat down

verb phrasal beat down [ ˈbit ˈdaʊn ]
(of the sun) to make very hot
informal taper/cogner dur

The desert sun beat down.
Le soleil du désert tape dur.

beat up

verb phrasal beat up [ ˈbit ˈʌp ]
to hurt by hitting
battre , passer à tabac , fam tabasser

They beat him up outside the bar.
Ils l'ont tabassé à l'extérieur du bar.
beat yourself up
to be too critical of yourself
se faire des reproches , se flageller

Don't beat yourself up over one mistake.
Ne te flagelle pas pour une seule erreur.


noun beat /bit/
countable a sound or movement in a series
battement masculine

several beats of the drum
plusieurs roulements de tambour

a beat of your heart
un battement de ton cœur
singular a series of sounds or movements
son masculine

Listen to the beat of the drums.
Ecoutez le son des tambours.
singular a rhythmic pattern in music
rythme masculine

a song with a good beat
une chanson avec un bon rythme


adjectivebeat [ bit ] informal
very tired
fam vanné/-ée

I'm beat!
Je suis vanné.

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verb /biːt/ (past tense beat, past participle beaten)

to strike or hit repeatedly

Beat the drum.

to win against

She beat me in a contest.

to mix thoroughly

to beat an egg.

to move in a regular rhythm

My heart is beating faster than usual.

to mark or indicate (musical time) with a baton etc

battre (la mesure)
A conductor beats time for an orchestra.
beater noun

beating noun

beaten adjective

overcome; defeated

the beaten team
He looked tired and beaten.

mixed thoroughly

beaten egg.
beat about the bush

to approach a subject in an indirect way, without coming to the point or making any decision.

tourner autour du pot
beat down

(of the sun) to give out great heat

taper (dur) sur
The sun’s rays beat down on us.

to (force to) lower a price by bargaining

faire baisser
We beat the price down
We beat him down to a good price.
beat it

to go away

Beat it, or I’ll hit you!
She told her little brother to beat it.
beat off

to succeed in overcoming or preventing

The old man beat off the youths who attacked him
He beat the attack off easily.
beat a (hasty) retreat

to go away in a hurry

battre en retraite
The children beat a hasty retreat when he appeared.
beat up

to punch, kick or hit (a person) severely and repeatedly

rouer de coups
He beat up an old lady.
off the beaten track

away from main roads, centres of population etc.

hors des sentiers battus



a regular or usual course

a policeman’s beat.

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