Die Übersetzung von "beauty" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈbjuːti/ (plural beauties)

a quality very pleasing to the eye, ear etc

Her beauty is undeniable.

a woman or girl having such a quality

She was a great beauty in her youth.

something or someone remarkable

His new car is a beauty!
beautiful adjective

a beautiful woman
Those roses are beautiful.
beautifully adverb

beautify /-fai/ verb

to make beautiful

She beautified the room with flowers.
beauty queen

a girl or woman who is voted the most beautiful in a contest.

reine de beauté
beauty salon noun

(also American beauty parlor, beauty shop) a place where customers have cosmetic treatment.

institut de beauté
beauty spot

a place of great natural beauty

site touristique
a famous beauty spot.

a mark (often artificial) on the face, intended to emphasize beauty.

grain de beauté

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