Übersetzung von “beg” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb beg /bɛg/ ( begging, begged)
transitive-intransitive to ask repeatedly because you want sth very much
demander , quémander , supplier

I begged him to help me.
Je lui ai demandé de m'aider.

The kids were begging for ice cream.
Les enfants quémandaient une glace.

to beg to be set free
supplier d'être libéré
intransitive to ask for money, food, etc.

people begging in the streets
des gens mendiant dans la rue

children begging for spare change
des enfants mendiant la monnaie
I beg your pardon
indicates you would like sb to repeat what they said
pardon , excuse/-ez-moi

I beg your pardon - I couldn't hear you.
"Pardon, je n'ai pas entendu."

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verb /beɡ/ (past tense, past participle begged)

to ask (someone) for (money, food etc)

The old man was so poor that he had to beg in the street
He begged (me) for money.

to ask (someone) desperately or earnestly

supplier (de)
I beg you not to do it.
beggar noun

a person who lives by begging

The beggar was asking people in the street for money.
beggar description

to be so great in some way that it cannot be described

Her beauty beggars description.
beg to differ

to disagree

être d’un autre avis
You may think that he should get the job, but I beg to differ.

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