Die Übersetzung von "behave" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /biˈheiv/

to act or react

(se) comporter
He always behaves like a gentleman
Metals behave in different ways when heated.

to act in a suitable way, to conduct oneself (well)

(se) conduire bien
If you come, you must behave (yourself)
Timmy always behaves (himself) at his grandmother’s.
behaviour /-jə/ noun (American behavior)

way of behaving

The teachers were pleased with the behaviour of the pupils.

actions or reactions

the behaviour of rats
She’s studying the behavior of metals in acids.
well/badly- etc behaved adjective

good (bad etc) in manners or conduct

(bien/mal) élevé
Teachers sometimes have to deal with badly-behaved students.
The children were very well-behaved during the trip to the museum.

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