Übersetzung von “behind” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


prepositionbehind /bɪˈhaɪnd/
≠in front of; in the back of or following

I found it behind the sofa.
Je l'ai trouvé derrière le canapé.
right behind
directly behind
juste derrière

the car right behind me
la voiture juste derrière moi
progressing more slowly, or being less advanced
en retard

students who are behind the rest of the class
les étudiants qui sont en retard par rapport au reste de la classe

two points behind the other team
deux points de retard sur l'autre équipe
behind schedule
progressing more slowly than expected
en retard sur le programme

two months behind schedule
en retard de deux mois sur le programme
responsible for sth
à l'origine de

the person behind the idea
la personne à l'origine de l'idée
supporting and encouraging
derrière , avec

We're behind you, whatever you decide.
Nous sommes avec vous, quoi que vous décidiez.
behind sb's back
when sb is not there to hear
derrière le dos de qqn

He's been criticizing me behind my back.
Il me critique derrière mon dos.
behind the times
not modern

an education system that is behind the times
un système éducatif qui est dépassé


adverbbehind /bɪˈhaɪnd/
≠in front; in the back of or following
derrière , en arrière

to walk along behind
marcher en arrière

They hit me from behind.
Ils m'ont frappé par derrière.
where sth was previously
en arrière , derrière soi

Mary left the camera behind.
Marie a laissé l'appareil-photo.
late or slow in making progress
en retard

I'm behind with my rent.
Je suis en retard pour mon loyer.
fall behind
rester en arrière , être à la traîne

kids falling behind in school
les enfants à la traîne à l'école

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preposition /biˈhaind/

at or towards the back of

He hid behind the door.

remaining after

The tourists often leave their litter behind them.

in support

We’re right behind him on this point.
behind someone’s back

without someone’s knowledge or permission

derrière le dos (de qqn)
He sometimes bullies his sister behind his mother’s back.
She went behind my back and made a complaint to the boss.



(also behindhand /-hӕnd/) not up to date

en retard
Andy was getting behind with his work.


laisser; rester
He accidentally left his book behind
We stayed behind after the party.

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