Übersetzung von “bend” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb bend /bɛnd/ ( pt pp bent )
transitive-intransitive to curve downward toward the ground
se courber , se pencher

Joe was bending down to tie his shoe.
Joe se penchait pour lacer sa chaussure.

to bend over to pick it up
se pencher pour le ramasser

She bent her head to look down.
Elle inclina la tête pour regarder vers le bas.
transitive-intransitive to move an arm or leg so that it is not straight

Try to bend your arm.
Essaie de plier ton bras.

My leg wouldn't bend.
Je ne pouvais pas plier ma jambe.
transitive-intransitive damaged or forced into a shape that is not straight or flat
tordre , plier

It bent the tire rim.
Ça a tordu la jante du pneu.

trees bending in the wind
des arbres pliant sous le vent

You can bend the wire into any shape.
On peut faire prendre n'importe quelle forme au fil de fer.
intransitive (of road or path) to form a curve

The road bends to the right.
La route tourne à droite.
bend over backward to do sth
to work extremely hard to help sb
se mettre en quatre pour faire qqch

I've been bending over backward to give you everything you want!
Je me suis mis en quatre pour te donner tout ce que tu voulais !


noun countable bend /bɛnd/
a curve to one side
tournant masculine , virage masculine

a bend in the road
un virage sur la route

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verb /bend/ (past tense, past participle bent /bent/)

to make, become, or be, angled or curved

plier, (se) courber, tourner, tordre
I can’t bend my arm properly
She bent down to pick up the coin
The road bends to the right
He could bend an iron bar.

to force (someone) to do what one wants

He bent me to his will.
the bends

agonizing pains, especially in the joints, affecting divers when they surface too quickly.

mal des caissons
bent on

determined on

déterminé à
Sally was bent on winning the game.

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