Die Übersetzung von "beyond" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


preposition /biˈjond/

on the farther side of

de l’autre côté de
My house is just beyond those trees.

farther on than (something) in time or place

au-delà de
I cannot plan beyond tomorrow.

out of the range, power etc of

au-delà de, hors de
The washing machine is beyond repair.

other than

d’autre que
What is there to say beyond what’s already been said?
beyond compare

having no equal

sans pareil
His achievements are beyond compare.
beyond expectation

much more or much better than expected

au-delà de
The plan succeeded beyond all expectations
The hotel was beyond our expectations.
beyond one’s means

too expensive(ly)

au-dessus de ses moyens
A painting by Picasso is beyond my means
He lives well beyond his means (= he spends more money than he earns).

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